Product Introduction -产品简介

S218/ GRIP EPU Type
* Item no
S218/ GRIP EPU Type
* Features
grip, anti-hydrolysis, eco-friendly, good abrasion resistance, cold-resistant
止滑, 耐水解, 环保, 耐磨, 耐寒
* Application
gloves for skiing, boxing, riding, fitness equipments
滑雪, 打击, 骑马, 运动手套, 止滑运动器材
* Specification
* Composition
40±5% Polyester + 60±5% anti-hydrolysis EPU
(NAOH 10%*24HR in 23±2℃)
* Note
高耐水解 TPU 可存放约4~5年以上.
For highly anti-hydrolysis EPU series, its service life under normal condition is approximately 4-5 years.
*For reference only*For reference only*For reference only

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For eco-friendly EPU series, please store it away from heat, sunlight and moisture. First in and first out with original label.

产品使用须知 : EPU产品为环保材料,需垫高存放,避阳光直射、环境潮湿,入仓要采先进先出管理,整支皮料拆开用剩须密封包装,将原标签贴上.