Product Introduction -产品简介

B415/B632/B633/DMF FREE 水性PU
B633 T2
* Item no
B415/B632/B633/DMF FREE 水性PU
* Features
soft, nice handfeel, eco-friendly, DMF free (margin of safety<10ppm)
柔软, 触感佳, 环保, 二甲基甲醯胺安全值<10ppm
* Application
gloves, bag, fitness equitment, tablet case
手套, 袋包, 运动器材, 3C配件
* Specification
B415 0.9±0.1mm*52"
B632 0.6±0.1mm*52"
B633 0.6, 0.7±0.1mm*52"
* Composition
B415&B633: 50% PU + 50% POLYESTER;
B632: 50% PU + 50% NYLON
* Note
For DMF free series, its service life under normal condition is approximately 3-5 years.
耐水解DMF free PU可存放约3~5年以上.
*For reference only*For reference only*For reference only
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For eco-friendly PU series, please store it away from heat, sunlight and moisture. First in and first out with original label.

产品使用须知 : PU产品为环保材料,需垫高存放,避阳光直射、环境潮湿,入仓要采先进先出管理,整支皮料拆开用剩须密封包装,将原标签贴上.